Wednesday, 30 August 2017

3 new skincare additions, perfect for hot weather

Hot weather means a lot of great things! Sunshine, wonderful weather, and endless walks on the beach. However warm weather and lots of sun can be really damaging to your skin.

Here are three skincare items I heavily rely on during warmer weather. In the picture, you can see three of my favorites but you can find similar products from other brands that do the same thing, pretty much. These ones though I've tried and have a full opinion on, which I'll also present here.

  • Pore minimizing serum. I find pore minimizing serums amazing during the summer, the time when the heat gets too much and the pores enlarge. They are also really light and usually help with the excess oils that are produced during warmer months. I like to use it in the morning and at night after my toner or essence if I have any and before lotion/ moisturizing cream. 
  •  Cooling eye cream/gel. Cooling skincare products are generally really nice in summer. However a cooling eye cream/gel will not only help you feel better, but it will also cause you to wake up and depuff your eyes. No fridge needed! Essential for the summer party nights.
  •  Sunscreen. Ok, this is kind of a no-brainer. Everybody know you need sunscreen during the summer (actually you need it all year round but let's say summer is more needed that ever). If you have combination/oily skin find a non-greasy/oil free sunscreen and wait a few minutes after applying it to let it settle and absorb. Your face might appear oily/too shiny after application but just let the cream absorb. 
 In the picture you can see some skincare products for the summer that I tried recently.
I mainly pick my skincare and my make-up depending on the price - effect relationship. I usually try to find the cheapest possible products that have the best effect on my skin. Here is my opinion on these ones!
  • Sephora Clarifying Booster serum. This is a pore serum that you are supposed to use only for 14 days, day and night. I saw some nice effects using this, not anything too drastic but it worked great with an addition of a toner. In any case, it might not be the best pore tightening serum but it is quite affordable and does its job.  It costs about 14 €. 
  • Panda's Dream So Cool Eye Stick. Now we are talking packaging. I first got this product because of the absolutely cute packaging and the affordable price (about 11€). Then I learned it is by a Korean brand called Tony Molly. It is very nice and cooling and on the packaging, it is referred to as an eye serum. Supposed to help with wrinkles and puffy eyes. I don't have any wrinkles around my eyes so I don't know how it fares there. But on depuffing it works great. It is also really easy and fast to use and sanitary. Another plus is the light feeling it leaves under the eyes. However, if you have a problem with a dark undereye area, it will not do much. 
  • Sunscreen. This sunscreen is my favorite as of late. It was a gift from my mother and she found it at a discount at about 11€. I really like it and I feel like (along with the other products of my skincare routine) it has helped the appearance of my skin. It doesn't leave any white residue and absorbs in a few minutes. You might need to block it throughout the day but in general, it doesn't make you appear oily but rather "healthy shiny". If that makes any sense. 
Do you have any skincare tips/products you like to use during warmer weather?

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