Monday, 18 September 2017

24th Birthday cake and make-up

If that cake didn't lure you in I don't know what would. I have been baking for a little time now and the idea of making a full-on cake has been at the back of my mind for quite some time, but being on a diet and making cakes don't really go together. So I took my birthday as the perfect excuse to make my dream cake. It's called the Japanese strawberry shortcake and I got the recipe from one of my favorite Japanese food bloggers, Nami. Her blog, just one cookbook is amazing and here is the recipe.

I decided to spend my birthday really quietly this year with my parents, and so we went out for lunch together. It was wonderful to have some quality time with them and actually talk to them about everything that was on my mind, the delicious Greek food didn't hurt either :P.

I did my make-up with my mind on the wonderful weather (it was very sunny and warm) and I tried to make the most the light, which meant lots of shimmery eyeshadow, lip gloss, and healthy shiny skin. Of course, the lunch was pretty informal so I wanted to play but also keep it day-time appropriate.

Here are a few steps in case you want to recreate it too,

  • Apply some rose-golden eyeshadow all over the lid, some dark brown with tiny bit shimmer on the outer V and blend it outwards with a clean brush. Apply some light copper shade on the tear duct. Finish the eyes with a black cat-eye eyeliner for extra drama and some mascara, I used black.
  • Apply a kind of a thick layer of under eye concealer under your eyes in a V shape and let it sit for a few minutes. This is an absolute savior for anyone with really bad under eye circles it makes the coverage so much fuller. 
  • Continue onto face primer, taking care not to touch the under-eye concealer, blend it onto your face gently.
  • Apply your foundation, I recommend a light, moisturizing foundation with medium to light coverage, if you have any problem areas just use a concealer on top so that you don't look cakey, under the strong sun there is nothing worse than heavy and cakey makeup. Blend your foundation to all of your face, edges and down the neck and after that either take a smaller concealer brush or with the same sponge/brush blend the now dried under-eye concealer. You will notice it is much harder to blend now but that gives you much more coverage. Just blend the edges between your foundation and your concealer V and try not to be too harsh. Also, blend the places where the concealer might have creased. 
  • Fix your brows, I like using a colored gel for speed and because I have pretty full eyebrows.
  • Apply some peach-pink blush on your cheeks and finish your face a beautiful highlighter, something that would catch the light. 
  • Apply some nude-pink lip-gloss and you are done.
Here are the products I used:

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