Tuesday, 31 October 2017

4 ways to celebrate Halloween (in a country that doesn't really celebrates it)

I love Halloween. I love the vibe of it, the theme of it, really everything about it. I'm a person of holidays and I love all the themed things that come with it, like food and decorations as well as the atmosphere. But what should you do when you live in a country that doesn't celebrate it and Halloween parties are scarce and trick and treaters nonexistent? Here are 4 ways I plan to celebrate Halloween this year!

  • Halloween food. There are so many creative recipes for all kinds of tastes on the internet, and Halloween seems to thrive on thematic food. Even a simple apple can be completely transformed into a scary little Frankenstein! I personally really like using Pinterest, here is my board on Halloween everything, but mainly food!
  • Halloween make-up. I love doing Halloween makeup every year and this year I tried this Sugar Skull. Even if I do it just for myself and don't go out with it, or if I plan to go out with it at one of these parties, I love doing theatrical, scary, makeup.
  • Watch a scary movie. There is nothing more thematic than watching something spooky at the night of Halloween. I will be definitely be watching something creepy. You could go for a thriller or horror or something classic like Hocus Pocus.
  • Lastly, I really like the idea of decorating in the Halloween spirit. If you can't find the time, however, to decorate your house and don't like the idea, maybe because you live somewhere where Halloween isn't celebrated by most, you could try something else. I really like decorating my Bullet Journal in a Halloween spirit, maybe even the whole month of October. It just makes it feel really special. Here is my spread this year! 

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