Sunday, 29 October 2017

Fall make-up inspired by fall leaves

I got inspired a few weeks ago to create this eye look by the fall leaves. As you can see I picked warm colors as well as a taupe grey. I stay "quite" to the rest of my face and I think, that you can transform this look from morning to night by switching the lips for something darker. Here is how to create the look.

  • I always like starting with my eyes since this way it's easy to deal with any kind of fallout. So start by priming your lids and applying some bright orange eyeshadow all over the lid. Something warm should work. Continue by picking a darker burned-orange and then some red and apply each separately at the outer V of your eye. Apply a little heavy and don't blend yet. Take a soft brown eyeshadow (your bronzer could also work) and blend it in your crease and the outer V. Take a clean blending brush and blend the outer V and the crease a little, you want the majority of the color to stay on the outer V but also blend a little in the crease.
  • Reapply some orange eyeshadow on the main part of the lid and some very light orange eyeshadow on the inner corner. Line your waterline with a beige eyeliner. Pick up a grey-taupe shade of cream eyeshadow or eyeliner, anything that you can create a cat-eye with. I like to keep the line small to let the rest of the eyeshadows show, but you do you ;)
  • Mascara on. 
  • Apply under-eye concealer and let it set before blending if you have really bad under-eye discoloration like me.
  • Apply some primer and then some foundation all over your face, or if you don't need it, skip this step. I like a very light layer with a wet beauty blender anyway.
  • The concealer should have set by now, so you can go ahead and blend it away. 
  • Do your brows, I like using only a fix gel with a little color. I also like big brows with this look.
  • Apply blush, pick a light shade, preferably something pink. purple but keep it really light, you want the focus on your eyes, not your cheeks. Apply a little highlighter. 
  • Some nude/brownish lipstick and you are ready!  

This is everything I used. You can use whatever products you have. However, I would warn you against this specific concealer, not a fav.

Here is everything I used in detail:

*This post contains some affiliate links, this means that if you buy a product you pay the same price and I get a small commission. This commission will support this blog and help me devote more time to it. As always or opinions are my own and absolutely honest!   

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