Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Rosewater miracle

Have you ever heard about rosewater? I had been hearing of it for years here and there, as an ingredient in skincare products and a natural remedy for dry skin. But I had never thought of using it. After all, what would some simple water infused with rose petals could do for me? Turns out? Lot more than I had ever imagined.
You see the thing about rosewater, is it's so easily accessible and cheap, you don't really expect it to perform on your skin. But don't let this little sucker fool you. It changed my skin from night to day. I like to use it in place of a toner, and I spray it on my face after cleaning it. I also believe that it is amazing for all types of skin, especially acne-prone.

Of course I have been using a lot of different products on my skin and have changed my skincare routine dramatically, but believe me, rosewater is a staple in it. I always make sure to never run out of it. Here are some skin benefits I saw after about a month using it:

  • Deep skin hydration. My skin was much more hydrated after using rosewater. I use it right after cleansing, as a toner/mist. 
  • Tightens pores. Where every other sophisticated product has failed me, rosewater has saved me. I don't know how, but this has helped massively with my pores.
  • Tightens the skin, not in a drying way. This is something my mother was mainly telling me about it, as I got her hooked up on this too. 
  • It is supposed to help with acne, and I think it does, even though I use a lot of products for acne. It's definitely worth trying though since it's anti-inflammatory.
I have also heard that you can use it in between applying make-up to get a more natural finish, but I've never tried it and that you can use it on your hair to hydrate them. Two things I plan to try as soon as possible. 

You can probably find rosewater in your local supermarket. Or you could try making your own.

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