Saturday, 21 October 2017

Sugar Skull Halloween Make-up (minimal components, last minute)

I love Halloween! It's one of my favorite seasonal holidays and even though it's not celebrated in Greece, I always look forward to it. As proven by older posts here and here. So last year being out of theatrical make-up I created a rather simple, but beautiful make-up and liked it so much I decided to recreate it this year and share it with you. I tried to do a step by step process. Warning: The look isn't mine, I found it on google and tried to create my simpler version.
So this is how to create a simple, last minute, rather easy Sugar Skull with minimal make-up.

  • Firstly in lack of a white face paint, I used the first white thing I found in my makeup collection, which was an eyeshadow base. Big mistake! Don't use that, either get a white face paint, or a really light foundation shade. In any case apply it all over your face, including your lips using your fingers.
  • After you are done applying the foundation, if you have a white powder, powder your face lightly. Be careful! You will need a white powder for this and not a light colored one. Simply white. 
  • Line your waterline with black pencil eyeliner.
  • After that using a really black, eyeliner pencil (suggested), or a felt-tip eyeliner (no the best, but all I had) create the circles around your eyes and fill them in. You will not be creating circles but something closer to butterfly wings. The thing about this make-up is you are going to be using the bones of your face to trace where your bones would be. Keep the butterfly-wing on your mind and go small in the beginning, making it bigger and bigger as you wish. Remember you can always make it bigger much easier than smaller. To darken the look, using an eyeshadow brush and some really black eyeshadow brush it over the eyeliner. Be careful of potential fallout.
  • Create the nose bone with a rhombus. Which means practically two triangles one on top of the either. Use the same technique, eyeliner pencil to create the outline and fill in and then use the eyeshadow to fill in and blacken the color.
  •  Create the forehead details and outline an upside-down heart in the middle and in between the eyebrows going a little higher at the end. Don't fill the heart in. 
  • Using the same pencil eyeliner create the circles around the eyes. Real circles this time. And create little semi-circles in the line going all over the circle as it shows in the picture. This is the most time-consuming process of this look so be careful and patient. 
  • Going underneath create little lines underneath the circles as shown in the picture. After that find your cheekbone create a line underneath it connecting them with the ends of your lips. Again follow where your the bone of your jaw would be. Lastly, create a really simple flower on your chin, just with pointy ends connecting, going underneath your chin. 
  • Take a pointy small brush and a cool-toned red lipstick. Carefully, fill in the heart first with red lipstick, trying to keep the black outline. Remember to use more and more lipstick to create a vibrant effect. Fill in the little semi-circles on the circles over your eyes with red lipstick. Every two semi-circles max you need to refill the brush with lipstick so keep in mind, that it will take some time. Lastly, fill in the flower on your chin
  •  To finish the look, open your mouth and create little lines where the lines between your teeth are. This way you will get kind of a creepy effect when you laugh.   
That's all! It isn't the fastest Halloween make-up but I don't think it's very difficult, just needs some time.

Here is everything I used (and links to suggestions):
  • Black eyeshadow (alternative but better here)
  • White eyeshadow base (not recommended, get a white face paint instead)
  • Felt tip eyeliner (it would be much easier to use a pencil eyeliner)
  • Cool-toned red lipstick (similar here)
  • Eyeshadow brush (something like this one)
  • A pencil brush to fill in with eyeshadow smaller details
  • Two small brushes, one to correct mistakes and reapply black when I made a mistake and the second to fill in the details with red lipstick (similar for this purpose here).  

Sorry for the long post. Hope you try this look and please let me know if you do!

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