Saturday, 28 April 2018

April Beauty Favorites and Mehs

As a complementary to the last post (cause we do that in this blog, we don't leave lonely little posts crying we give them sisters to play with), this Saturday's write could be nothing other than my favorite skincare, makeup and other beauty product that I discovered in the month of April. Brace yourselves, I have been boasting that April has been a month of many new discoveries and you are about to find out exactly how many they were.


  • Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop by Dear, Klairs. You can read my full on review here about this product and you'll quickly realize why it is the first one on my beauty favorites. Minimizing the pores, giving your skin a lackluster tone, helping with acne and not irritating my skin were only a few of its amazing effects. Possibly the best serum I have ever tried. 
  • Skinfood Watermelon Soothing Mask. One more product I reviewed recently, and another of my absolute favorites for this month. I started using this mask in March but with some hormonal acne coming in April it was more than useful during this month. I love how it calms down any redness, any spots, and hydrates my skin deeply. 
  • Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion SPF50+ PA+++. This has been my preferred foundation/BB cream for the month of April. There are only two things I didn't really like about it. It's a little too mattifying for me and also didn't give me a whole lot of coverage. It hid redness perfectly but I still needed to use a concealer for my spots. Other than that I love how compatible it is, the cute packaging, the color that matches me perfectly, the SPF 50 was a nice plus, you could layer it again and again and it never looked cakey and the natural mat finish looked lovely. 
  • Garnier Skinactive Honey Mask. Finally, a skincare product that isn't Korean, haha. I got this mask when I was in my hometown because I saw the words Ceramide and Honey together, lol. And... because my skin wasn't behaving really. I wouldn't say it's a miracle worker on acne or anything, but it seriously helped with hydration although I would advise taking it all off with water if you have oilier skin. 
  • Essence camouflage concealer.  I have been on the fence about this concealer since quite some time, using it over and over again, trying to make my mind of whether I like it or not. At the end of all of this testing, it ended up that it is good when it comes to face discolorations but not as amazing under the eyes. I mean, it gets the job done, but not as much as a pink or yellow toned concealer.
  • Essence Strong & Clean nail polish remover, acetone-free. This month I've started using this acetone-free essence nail polish remover and I have been loving it. I hate nail polishes that contain acetone because they make my nails really weak and they don't always work better than the ones that do contain it. I also have zero patience when I'm taking my nail polish off, I want it to come off almost immediately and this nail polish remover does this. Also it doesn't smell as horrible as a lot of other nail polishes.
  • Garnier Fructis Oil Repair 3 Hair Mask (greek): In contrast to the mask following, I was surprised rather pleasantly from the effect of this mask as it gave instant moisture to my dry ends in just a few minutes. It also keeps my hair hydrated until the next time I shower which is something I really appreciate. 

  • Garnier Fructis Nourishing Banana Hair Food. I was actually really excited about this hair mask given that it is made of 98% natural ingredients and you can use it on wet hair as a mask or conditioner or on dry hair. The problem is that I want my hair masks super hydrating and this one just left me feeling very meh. It comes in a huge box, but a mediocre product in a big packaging remains a mediocre product.
  • Loreal Skin Expert Fine Flowers Cleansing Cream for dry and sensitive skin (greek). Another product that let me down, but I'm still on the fence about whether I like it or not is this cleansing cream by Loreal. I really like the consistency of this cream, but I really don't like how you can't use it on your eyes and how it stinks. I also am not very impressed but how it takes off makeup since I've had micellar waters that work better. But it is good for massaging your skin.

*This post contains some affiliate links, this means that if you buy a product through the link you pay the same price and I get a small commission. This commission will support this blog and is greatly appreciated. As always any opinions are my own and absolutely honest! The items featured were bought by me. This post isn't a sponsored post and I wasn't paid to write it.

*Αυτή η ανάρτηση περιέχει μερικά affiliate links, αυτό σημαίνει ότι αν αγοράσετε κάποιο προϊόν από τους συνδέσμους μου, πληρώνετε την ίδια τιμή και εγώ παίρνω ένα μικρό ποσοστό. Το ποσοστό αυτό υποστηρίζει το blog μου και εκτιμάται ιδιαίτερα. Όπως πάντα όλες οι απόψεις είναι δικές μου και απόλυτα ειλικρινείς! Tα αντικείμενα τα έχω αγοράσει εγώ. Αυτή η ανάρτηση δεν ήταν χορηγούμενη και δεν πληρώθηκα για να την γράψω. 

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