Friday, 8 June 2018

May's Random Favorites

It has been a rather long time since I've written on my blog and though it is rather justified (life does get hectic sometimes) I have missed it. I've had a few random favorites during the month of May which was rather eventful itself, as I finally graduated and applied for my first scholarship ever (lots and lots of paperwork). Here is what I loved through the month of May:

  • H&M black slip-on trainers: These have been my go-to shoes since I bought them. I have seriously worn no other shoes since I got them. It also helps that they were so cheap so I'm not really worried about spoiling them and they are super comfortable! They also look cute and classy.  
  • Forever 21 floral shirt: One of my favorite shirts. I find it very cute and ideal if you plan on eating a little extra on that day ;).
  • Oysho pyjamas (shorts and shirt): a set of pyjamas I just couldn't get enough throughout this month. I love the pants as they are super comfortable and their design is rather unique. The t-shirt is also really cute and I love the ruffled details on the sleeves.
  • Case Logic 17" Laptop Bag: This is the bag that has allowed me to take my laptop out on quite a few trips and not really worry neither about it getting ruined nor about my shoulders hurting.
  • Jewelry is something I don't usually wear but as May was the month that I graduated I got a few gifts for my graduation and two of them where the jewelry. The first one is this cute bracelet with the leaves and the second is this elephant necklace (similar here).
  • Cherries: who doesn't love these little fruits? They are delicious!

*This post contains some affiliate links, this means that if you buy a product through the link you pay the same price and I get a small commission. This commission will support this blog and is greatly appreciated. As always any opinions are my own and absolutely honest! The items featured were bought by me. This post isn't a sponsored post and I wasn't paid to write it.

*Αυτή η ανάρτηση περιέχει μερικά affiliate links, αυτό σημαίνει ότι αν αγοράσετε κάποιο προϊόν από τους συνδέσμους μου, πληρώνετε την ίδια τιμή και εγώ παίρνω ένα μικρό ποσοστό. Το ποσοστό αυτό υποστηρίζει το blog μου και εκτιμάται ιδιαίτερα. Όπως πάντα όλες οι απόψεις είναι δικές μου και απόλυτα ειλικρινείς! Tα αντικείμενα τα έχω αγοράσει εγώ. Αυτή η ανάρτηση δεν ήταν χορηγούμενη και δεν πληρώθηκα για να την γράψω. 

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