Sunday, 25 October 2015

Face of the day: Pink and smokey

A few days ago I was going over my makeup stash and was trying to find new ways to use my make up. I have mentioned the "Knock on wood" wet and wild eyeshadow trio that I have for quite some time now and as soon as I layed eyes on it I thought I had never used it exactly as the letters of the palete indicate. So for this make up I thought I'd do a pink/aubergine/brown smokey look and keep everything else bare.

To start I applied some eyeshadow base to keep the eyeshadow in place all throughout the day. Next I applied the pink shade all over the eyelid, then the aubergine eyeshadow on top both with the same flat brush. I used the dark brown shade fo the outer v, the crease and a small line on top of my lashes. I blended the eyeshadows together (except from the line) and got a really beautiful, hazy, smokey effect. These shadows blend like nobody's bussiness! I applied some under eye concealer, face primer and buffed my face with foundation and bb cream as usual. Mascara, brow gel and a cool toned pink blush on the apples of my cheeks as well as some slight countouring with bronzer and a thin tiped brush which I then blended to look natural. I finished everything with some face powder and orange lip gloss.

 Thank you fore reading!

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