Monday, 11 September 2017

"I'm from" Ginseng Serum review

This review is one I've been meaning to do for a very, very long time.  But every time I wanted to sit down and write it I would either be too busy or change my mind about how I feel about it. Finally today I have finally both time and somewhat of a final opinion on this serum.

I'm talking about the Ginseng serum by "I'm from" brand. The main ingredient is ginseng at 7,98% which is an ingredient majorly used for its anti-aging properties. It is recommended for those that want skin rejuvenation, prevention of wrinkles and have fatigued, malnourished skin. It claims to penetrate deep into the skin to increase elasticity and make the complexion more luminous from the inside out. It adds elasticity to the skin and that the concentrated antioxidant properties of the ginseng extract purify skin that is fatigued from external stimuli and accumulated waste.

All that in the form of a serum. A serum is a concentrated treatment that is applied after the face has been washed and after toner (if you use any) and is supposed to do major difference to your skin. So I always use one in my skincare routine depending on what I want to work on my skin every time.

Looking at the ingredients list there is much more than ginseng extract in there that is good for your skin. One of them being Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (tea leaf extract) which according to cosdna is antimicrobial, antioxidant, astringent, humectant, skin conditioning and skin protecting. Glycerin, Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Root Extract (Licorice Root extract) which is skin conditioning, Rheum Palmatum Root Extract (extract from the Chinese rhubarb) which is astringent and skin conditioning, hyaluronic acid and much more. There are no bad ingredients in it, no alcohol and the fragrance is the last ingredient. That means it has kind of a herbal scent, which to be honest I rather like. Here is a full list of the ingredients and their analysis. Given the nature of the ingredients, I also feel like sensitive skin types would also love this product.

The packaging feels reaaaaally luxurious is heavy and glass and feels wonderful and expensive. The little glass dropper allows you see exactly how much you've used, and drop it on the skin just the right amount (I use 3 drops) which is very convenient and I find has helped me using it every single day and night for about 3 months and still having some left. On that note, it lasts way more than I expected which is definitely a big plus and lastly it costs 28.80$ (23.95 €).

So, how does it feel on the skin? I can already tell you my first impression was mixed. It hydrates my skin, leaves it plumped and looking bright and does little work on my fine wrinkles. I really like the feeling it leaves behind as it really makes my face feel and look really moisturized which is something I like. It just leaves me with a good skin kind of day look which I really like. Also oddly enough I feel like it's helping my acne ever so slightly. Mainly the scars. Not sure why, but it does.

On the other hand, the first time I used it I found it kind of sticky on my skin, which I didn't like. Oddly enough the sensation left the more I used it, or maybe I'm imaging things? I don't know. The thing is, I no longer feel my skin sticky after applying it. It took rather a long time for it to show the work that it is doing on my fine wrinkles. That's the main reason why I couldn't review it earlier. Bottom line it will help with fine lines, but only a little. I am guessing this is a great product for prevention given the ingredients and the feeling it left on my skin. Really moisturizing without a trace of oiliness, perfect for oily skin.

Finally, I think this is a great serum for any skin type that needs a moisturizing, plumping serum. The glow it leaves your skin with is the main plus of it. Your skin looks radiant and healthy. Unfortunately, it didn't help my fine lines as much as I expected it to so that's a minus.

That being said I think it's probably the best serum I've ever used. Like ever. Don't underestimate the healthy glow look, people will comment on it and it will definitely boost your confidence, also it's obviously an indication of healthy skin so what more can you ask for?

Would I buy this product again? I would if I wanted a moisturizing serum that will give me a healthy glow look. At the moment though I will try to experiment with other serums just to figure out what I like best. Who knows maybe I'll go crying back to this one and buy ten buckets of it, in any case, I'll keep you posted. If you would like to purchase it, you could get it by wishtrend.

    *The ginseng serum was kindly provided by Wishtrend, I wasn't paid to write this review and all opinions are my own and honest. I would never hide something I didn't like in a product. There are also some affiliate links in the post. The affiliate links help this blog grow and your support is much appreciated!   

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