Sunday, 17 September 2017

Last drops of Summer

Summer is coming to an end really slowly here in Greece. By coincidence, my Monoi Tiki Tahiti oil is almost over. If you have never heard about this little oil before, you have the proof that you have been living under a rock. Welcome a little coconut oil, tropical flower scented little bottle of goodness.
The truth is when I first got this little bottle I was very fast to judge it. You see the scent really overflew me and made me dream of endless white beaches and girls with silky shiny hair... and me with silky shiny hair...

So I took my time and tried for a very very long time, through summer and winter and you could say I have the very final opinion right here.

The goods

  • The scent. It is divine. It smells like the flower Tiare. But don't imagine some strong perfumy smell. This one is for the lovers of the natural, almost sweet scents. Maybe the fact that the coconut oil is the actual oil that the dried flower is left to preserve. It doesn't smell like coconut though, at all. 
  • The coconut oil. It is literally the only ingredient in the list (along with the flower, and perfume as the last ingredient). Which means that you can use this on your hair, body and face, especially if you know that your skin has a good reaction to coconut oil. For me, it worked miracles on my body. It would give amazing moisture with a sweet, floral scent and would never irritate my skin.
  • The alternative to perfume. The scent slightly lingers on during the day which is something I really enjoy, especially in the summer when I wouldn't want to wear perfume because of the alcohol and the sun. Because of the oil, I also feel that it blends naturally with my natural scent and doesn't start smelling bad if I get -ahem- sweaty. At least not as bad as a perfume with alcohol would. In that sense, I think it's the perfect summery scent to wear.  
  • The all-rounder. The main positive of this little oil is that -it claims to- do it all. Hydrate hair, body and face. That means you can bring it with you to the holidays to save space, I personally liked using it before and after entering the sea to hydrate hair and body. I really believe this tactic saved my colored hair from the sun and the salt of the sea this summer as my hair has less split ends and in general seem really healthy, considering it's dyed and gone through quite some sea. 

The bads

  • The coconut oil. Some of the positives proved to be double-edged swords in this product. As much as I love natural ingredients I am aware that some skins don't react very well to them. That's what happened to my skin and hair as well. The oil was great for using before and after the sea on my hair but otherwise, it would prove too oily for my very thin hair, and it would always weight them down. Unfortunately, I also learned after some use that my face doesn't do very well with coconut oil, it makes me break out. I know there are some people that just break out with coconut oil and apparently I was one of them. So, in the end, I would just use it as a body oil.
  • The all-rounder. The idea about the all-rounder. multitasking products had always captivated me, the idea that you can use the same product for multiple tasks/ areas. However, they never seem to work as good as the products that are designed specifically for some areas. They are always too heavy for both my hair and my face. Guess I should have learned my lesson but nah. If this kind of do-it-all oils work nicely for you (or if you don't have skin with issues and really thin hair) then, by all means, I think this would be an amazing multitasker product for you.
  • Hard to use in the winter. Because almost all of the oil is coconut oil, in the winter it becomes solid and becomes really hard to use. I would recommend either letting it close to some heating or leave it in your bathroom so that it can warm up with the steam during your shower. 

How I use it and other uses 

  • Protection. Coconut oil delivers some protection from the sun and even though I wouldn't swap this oil for sunscreen, I think it's a great addition to your hair and body as an extra layer of moisture before and after the beach. It protected effectively from the sun and the sea salt. 
  • Face massage. Before learning that my skin would react badly to coconut oil, I would use it as the last step of my routine to massage my skin, a very specific routine that allegedly helps with aging and circulation. As a face massage oil, I think it works great.
  • As a perfume, due to the way it blends with your body scent during summer.
  • I could even imagine people using it as a highlighter or mixing it with foundation especially if they have dry skin. It would probably give them a really beautiful complexion.
In general, I really like this oil and I think I would buy it again for summer, purely for the scent!

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